Rachel Daly, PharmD, RP
– Owner of Innovative Rx

Rachel Daly grew up in the small, western Nebraska town of Crawford. She completed her pre-pharmacy studies at Nebraska Wesleyan University, where she competed in volleyball and track for the Prairie Wolves. Rachel went on to earn her doctorate from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy.

Rachel has had a heart for compounding pharmacy since working at one during her undergrad years. While Rachel worked as a clinical pharmacist after finishing school, she recognized a need for a local compounding pharmacy, which inspired her to open Innovative Rx. She enjoys the ways compounding can provide specialized medicines for her patients’ needs.

Rachel and her husband, Tyler, have three beautiful children: Camilla, Cooper, and Margeret.

What Does a Compounding Pharmacist Do?

Compounding pharmacies are specially licensed facilities that create customized medications to treat each individual patient’s condition. A licensed compounding pharmacist works closely with both the prescribing physician and the patient to develop medication solutions for a variety of needs.

Compounding pharmacies provide custom medications for adult, pediatric and veterinary patients. While every situation is unique, here are common problems that compounding pharmacies can solve:

  • Formulating a prescription medication without a specific allergen
  • Creating a specific dosage that is commercially unavailable
  • Combining multiple medications into one preparation for the patient’s convenience
  • Creating a medication with a customized flavor
  • Producing necessary medications during disruptions in the commercial supply

How Are Compounding Pharmacies Regulated?

Compounding pharmacies and pharmacists are licensed and regulated by the same State Boards of Pharmacy as your traditional pharmacy. The difference is that most traditional pharmacies are not set up to prepare custom medications in accordance with pharmaceutical best practices. Compounding pharmacies must meet exacting standards in order to provide this service.

Innovative Rx is a fully licensed compounding pharmacy and meets all the necessary requirements to produce compounded medications, in partnership with your prescribing physician.

We are proud members of the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding and the Professional Compounding Centers of America, as well as the Nebraska Pharmacists Association.