Innovative Medication Solutions For Your Patients

Innovative Rx is a non-sterile, compounding pharmacy that provides individualized prescription medication and professional-grade supplements. We offer same-day prescription fills for most compounded medications and we can ship prescriptions to those who are unable to pick-up in person.

We believe that the triad relationship between providers, patients and pharmacists is the key to delivering the highest-quality care and best patient outcomes. Our goal is to assist providers in resolving common problems that arise with medication adherence and disease management. Our pharmacist can create a customized medication or delivery method based on your prescription and the individual needs of each patient.

We commonly help Providers with everything ranging from drug info questions to collaborating with them on the treatment plan for a patient. If you are a Provider who would like assistance with a certain patient, want to gather more information on a drug info topic, or are fairly new to compounding and want to see some specific compounded options available for your patients, send us a note or give us a call!